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Flower Power!

Posted on Aug 23, 2019 by in Commercial Property | 0 comments

A beautiful lawn is a way to show off pride about one’s home. Improper lawn maintenance can take a gorgeous house and make it look shabby. Taking care of a lawn is a big undertaking, especially for someone who is starting from scratch. Here are a few tips on making your lawn look as beautiful as possible.

Regularly mow the lawn. Overgrown grass looks unkempt in addition to being a pain to walk through. Not only this, but if someone has a dog and doesn’t mow very regularly, their guests might find themselves in a sticky situation. Most lawnmowers have a variety of settings for how long the grass should be.

Take some time to tinker with the length before deciding on the setting that best suits your lawn. Some lawns need to be mowed roughly once per week, while others can go a bit longer before needing a trim.

Pull out any weeds and make sure that they don’t come back. Crabgrass can quickly overrun a lawn and eradicate the healthy grass that is growing. Although dandelions are great for making wishes, they can also damage a lawn if they grow without any supervision.

In addition to pulling the weeds, destroy the seeds and roots. This can be as simple as pulling them out and crushing them or can be as intense as using an herbicide to kill off the invasive species.

Plant flowers for a pop of color! Flowers are a relatively inexpensive way to take your garden to the next level. Planting them along the sidewalk or around a fountain brightens up the most noticeable part of your house. Try to plant flowers that will thrive in your environment: there’s nothing sadder than seeing beautiful flowers wilt and die because they were not made for the climate in which they were planted.

Another fun thing about flowers is that you can pick up some mature flowers at your local home and garden store, or you can buy seeds and bring them to life yourself! A great project for people who have small children is to plant flowers; not only does it bring beauty to your yard, it teaches kids about responsibility and hard work. A few daisies or a small rosebush can make even the smallest yard look like it’s had hours of care.

However, a lot of us don’t always have the time to perform a lot of lawn maintenance. Work, school, kids, and a myriad of other engagements stretch us to our limits, and mowing the lawn at the end of a long day doesn’t fit many people’s definition of fun. That doesn’t mean you should let your lawn fall into a state of disrepair. If this sounds like you, then maybe it’s time to call in the professionals. Ware Landscaping is a landscaping company in Naperville, Illinois that can help turn your lawn into a thing of beauty and make all of your neighbors wish that their yard looks like yours.

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